Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take for DMI to carry out an onsite installation?

    Generally we spend 4 to 5 hours onsite setting up, in addition to our initial consultation and planning for your staging.

  • Can you work around my furniture and just supplement it with DMI’s?

    Yes, but we prefer to do complete installations so that the staging shows cohesive colours, styles, and theme.

  • Does DMI Homestagers clean my house prior to installation?

    We do not provide cleaning services, but will advise you if we believe the property requires additional cleaning prior to staging.

  • Who is responsible for insurance?

    DMI insures the home staging furniture and accessories placed inside your home.

    We are also happy to provide outdoor staging, but this must be insured by the homeowner.

    You insure your home and any personal contents which remain at the property.

  • I’ve fallen in love with a corner suite that featured in one of your recent installations. Any chance I can purchase it?

    Simply contact us with the details and we would be happy to assist if possible.

  • How far afield do you operate?

    We have an office and warehouses in Auckland, so we can cover virtually anywhere in the mid/upper North Island.

  • Can we visit your showroom and select the furniture for our home staging?


    We’ll do all the hard work for you! The key benefit of DMI home staging is our professional eye and ability to select the perfect furnishings and accessories to enhance your home.

  • Do I have to have a security alarm?

    No, although many properties we stage have a security alarm.

  • How much does it cost?

    Your home is one of your most valuable assets – so think of home staging not as a cost but as an investment.

    Your property will look its absolute best without the expense of a renovation.

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  • How long can I retain the staging?

    You can retain the staging as long as you need it. Our home staging periods are in blocks of 4 weeks – but in the first period we also give you a 5th week free of charge (our DMI Homestagers Complimentary Week) to allow time for photography and advertising. It is easy to renew if you need to retain the staging for longer.

  • How long is the average staging?

    Most homes staged by DMI sell within our initial 5-week staging period.

  • How many different interior design styles can I choose from?

    Our expert team will select the style most suited to enhance your home and then tailor the furniture and accessories to complement this. The possibilities are unlimited, and every home staging project is unique.

  • Do you stage homes that are not for sale?

    Yes – for example, show homes or show apartments. We have also dressed or staged hospitality facilities for visiting entertainers and celebrities and for corporate product launches.

  • How quickly can you do an installation, from the time of first contact?

    Our consultants will work with you and your agent to ensure we can meet your time frames.

  • Why shouldn’t I stage my own home?

    De-personalising your home is an essential part of broadening the property’s market appeal – something that is often difficult for a homeowner to achieve.

    We bring fresh eyes and expertise to create ‘a lifestyle’ where buyers imagine themselves living in your home.



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