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Posted by on 19 November 2011 | Comments

LOCATION LOCATION  DMI has moved into a wonderful new warehouse in Parnell.
We are now the corner of Garfield Street and St Georges Bay Road.

RETAIL SHOWROOM   We have a beautiful new showroom opening in April. Open to the public Mon-Fri 9-5 for retail sales and Interior design service. For interior design service please call to make an appointment with Dinah.

SENIOR CONSULTANT  Philly is back in homestaging action from 10 months away on maternity leave.

FRESH SPACE NEW LOOK  we have new Brochures, flyers and cards arriving in the next few days so look out for these, we have even given our logo a new look!

The changing face of the way we live?

Well its hard to believe we have arrived in the year 2010. Yet our cars are not levated, and most of us don't have a robot at home making the dinner. We do  however enjoy the benefits daily of amazing advancements in technology, but it’s a far cry from what we expected back in the 80’s.

Its very interesting to see where the future of architecture and design is actually heading. At DMI we always make sure we are moving with the times and keeping up with trends.  It seems that as we head into the depths of the 21st century tomorrow's homes are very different again from what we had thought. Yes, floor plans are evolving and expanding to accommodate the changing patterns of our lives but many architects and designers are actually drawing upon ancient materials and building techniques for inspiration and resources.  Perhaps the most exciting and most important trend in home design is the increased sensitivity to the environment where Architects and engineers are using simple building techniques and biodegradable materials. With the interiors we are working on there is a huge amount of natural fibers, eco friendly flooring and fabrics all with a very simple, soft feel. We are still seeing a lot of floral wall coverings, and the colours are lovely duckeggs, linens and khaki. So In a time when everything should be steel and synthetic we are seeking a effortless elegance of days gone.   We want comfort and soft lines.  So when we will be living in the Jetsons sky-high high tech home? The question is when will we ever want to? As humans we always revert back to nature and we love to surround ourselves in textures and materials that reflect this. It is important to keep our homes and lives sensitive to this.

How we can help

We want to help you sell your property as much as we can.  We are offering a few homestaging extras.

Things to remember when choosing your Homestaging company.
We will come and open your home turn lights on, candles lit, music playing, doors
opened –helping your agent to be relaxed and ready to welcome purchasers! This
service should be organised with your consultant prior to the open homes. 

We have a new range of music to play through our stereos provided to help create that all important ambiance!   

We are providing fresh herbs in the kitchens, and plants on outdoor tables where necessary.   We will also come and clean the furniture every couple of weeks.

We have 14 years experience in Homestaging and almost 20 in Interior Design so when you are using our service you know it will be reliable,  consistent and  professional.  Dinah and Philly always know how to read a property well so that the furniture will suit any style of home.

We have a range of new original Art works to complete an installation. We look forward to hearing from you for an obligation free quote!