Homestaging - the Key to Successfully Selling Your Property 

Employing the services of a professional homestaging interior design company can transform virtually any house or apartment into a glamorous, desirable residence. The property needs to look and feel attractive enough to buy. Homestaging creates a positive first impression by showing your home in its best light.

A company like DMI HomeStagers has the interior design skills and experience of the residential real estate market to greatly increase your chances of success during the marketing period.

Why Homestage?

Top dollar at sale time is achieved by correct initial pricing plus high perceived value. A professional homestager helps maximise perceived value of the home to create a favourable impression. 

The Results

  • Higher sale price
  • Quicker sale


The jewel in the homestagers crown. Find out more here.

The Costs

The DMI HomeStagers standard package is comprehensive and is suitable for most residential sale situations. It can be tailored to individual requirements.


DMI Homestagers has carried out more than 7000 successful installations in New Zealand. Click here to view a selection of our work.


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