Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for DMI to carry out an onsite installation?
Generally we spend 4 to 5 hours onsite setting up. This does not include the time for an initial onsite inspection of the property, or for the finessing of the homestage in the hour before the Open Home begins.

Can you work around my furniture and just supplement it with DMI’s?
Yes, but we prefer to do complete installations so that everything matches – colours, styles, theme.

Does DMI HomeStagers clean my house prior to installation?
We are professional homestagers, not commercial cleaners. However, if we consider your property needs cleaning before we do an installation, we will advise you.

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Who is responsible for insurance?
DMI Homestagers insures the installation. You insure your home and property.

I’ve fallen in love with a corner suite that featured in one of your recent installations. Any chance I can purchase it?
Yes. DMI Homestagers carries a large and comprehensive inventory of contemporary and traditional furniture and accessories. We are constantly refreshing and updating our stocks, and all items are available for purchase, as single units or complete installations.

How far afield do you operate?
We have an office and warehouses in Auckland, so we can cover virtually anywhere in the mid/upper north Island.

Can we visit your showroom and select the furniture for our homestage?
No. DMI HomeStagers provides a complete service from design to installation. However, at consultation stage, we are pleased to listen to your ideas. The success of what we do is dependent on our experience and our creativity.

Do I have to have a security alarm?
No, although most properties we stage have a security alarm. We have a portable alarm system that can be quickly installed, if required.

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How much does it cost?
As the pioneer and market leader of the New Zealand homestaging industry, DMI HomeStagers is not the cheapest, just the best. Click here

How long can I retain the staging?
Our rental periods are denominated in units of 4 weeks, although for the first rent, you get 5 weeks for the price of 4 (the 5th week being your DMI HomeStagers Complimentary Week).

How long is the average staging?
Most stagings are for one rental period, or for the marketing period of the sale. However, some difficult-to-sell properties may require much longer – until the property sells.

How many different interior design styles can I choose from?
In fact we select the style and tailor the furniture and accessories to best suit your home. The possibilities are unlimited, and every homestaging is unique.

Do you stage homes that are not for sale?
Yes – for example, show homes or show apartments. We have also dressed or staged hospitality facilities for visiting entertainers and celebrities and for corporate product launches.

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How quickly can you do an installation, from the time of first contact?
We can install homes within hours of contact if required. However we do not recommend this. A lead-in time of up to 7 days allows us time to design, plan, ship and set up the installation.

Why shouldn’t I stage my own home?
Professionals understand the market, and are able to be more objective about what will appeal about your property – and how to showcase it accordingly. They know how to place furniture to create a better “flow” and sense of spaciousness. They will optimise the use and placement of colour and accessories to create the ambiance they have styled.

Remove all valuables from the property and all small personal items including clothing and photographs from view before your homestaging. The personal items will be meaningful and precious to you, but will not have the same emotional resonance for a prospective purchaser. In fact such items will be an unnecessary distraction.

And don’t forget the rest of your property – ensure that lawns are mowed, all clutter and rubbish is removed, and cars and other equipment are out of sight. First impressions really do count.

Trust the judgment of your homestaging professional – and leave them to get on with the job.

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