Why Homestage? cn

If you were planning to attend an important function, most likely you’d carefully choose what clothes and accessories to wear. As you’d like to look your best and create a favourable impression, possibly you’d also decide to buy a new outfit, or rent a tuxedo or ball gown. Homestaging (interior design) follows the same principle, applying it to a home or apartment being prepared for sale.

It is important to note that homestaging is not “decorating” instead, the professional homestager like DMI HomeStagers takes the “your” out of “your home” and dresses the property to appeal to prospective buyers as they might wish to see it. In depersonalising the home, the homestager shows it at its best, broadening its appeal to the market.

It is equally important to homestage at any point in the property cycle. The Americans say that homestaging gives “curb appeal” there are numerous examples of purchasers buying within minutes of walking into a staged home. We can’t promise such quick results, but you’ll be amazed at the favourable impression and positive “vibe” created.

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