About DMI Homestagers

"We're not renting furniture, we're selling our creativity" Dinah Malyon, CEO, DMI HomeStagers

DMI HomeStagers was the first full time professional homestaging company in New Zealand, and continues to be the market leader in creativity and innovation. 

The company was founded in 1997 by Dinah Malyon, whose interior design skills and understanding of the real estate market were decisive factors in DMI's success and are replicated through the team.

The company has a wonderfully dedicated and talented group of professionals that assists homeowners, developers and real estate agents to optimise the potential of a property by showcasing it at its best.

The company has been in the business of homestaging and interior design for more than 19 years. There is over 1,300 sq m of high-roofed warehouse space accommodating a vast inventory of furniture, furnishings and accessories.

The carefully planned and managed inventory of furniture means that DMI Homestagers is always able to perform.

All of the furniture and accessories present like new, with an eclectic mix of resource, so it doesn't look too sterile or staged for the purpose of selling. It produces an ambiance and a liveable look so the prospective buyer can imagine themselves in the setting.

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